Medical Assistant Schools in Georgia

March 8th, 2013

If you are looking for a medical assistant career then you require a degree in medical studies. It is probable that the program take 1-2 years depending on whether you want a certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree as a medical assistant.

On completion of this program, you will be able to work in the doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other medical settings, a place where you will be able to provide assistance to doctors and other medical professionals.

Your clinical duties include assisting in clinical procedures, completing laboratory testing and getting the required data for the medical history and treatment of the patient.

You do not require a license when you work as a medical assistant, but certification is available.

Featured Medical Assistant Schools in Georgia (GA) :

Westwood College Georgia

On obtaining the degree from the Westwood College Medical Assisting program, you will be able to gain hands on experience on the important skills needed to manage both front and back-office functions in the medical field. Armed with the medical assisting degree it will become easy for you in assisting the physicians in medical facilities and at the same time helping them to provide quality care to patients. This degree program will prepare you for a career in medical assisting. The associate program will also provide you with general education courses including critical thinking, logic and communications.

Miller-Motte Technical College Georgia

How does it feel to be part of a health care team and at the same time enjoy a career in healthcare? This can be possible if you opt for the Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting from Miller-Motte.

A degree in this program will give you the skills necessary to pursue entry-level positions in urgent care facilities, doctors’ offices and hospitals.

Many medical assistant programs are there to choose from, but a Miller-Motte education is the only program which lay emphasizes on practical administrative and clinical experience.

Studies About Nursing:

Searching for a best wishes you could help make in to a job? Medical effort is within a lot of a requirement, you could locate the best professions you will find within this industry by simply doing all of your study slightly. Medical occupations nowadays involve some of the greatest wages and also excellent rewards in which work have to give you. The one thing you need to bear in mind is when to locate these types of awesome careers

 Career Details:

Searching for a best wishes you could help make in to a job? Medical effort is within a lot of a requirement, you could locate the best professions you will find within this industry by simply doing all of your study slightly. Nursing jobs nowadays involve some of the greatest wages and also excellent rewards in which work have to give you. The one thing you need to bear in mind is when to locate these types of awesome careers

Media is the fact that medical technology wage mounting brackets will boost. As a result of increased need for these types of professionals the task availabilities tend to be Surgical tech salary In the immediate url to the quantity of careers getting accessible, the actual wage estimations can be growing

Get A Rewarding Career Through Medical Assistant Degrees

September 27th, 2013

If you want to enjoy the proper recognition as a healthcare professional, you can make your career in this field by becoming a professional medical assistant. You must know that it is possible to gain experience if you work in this field for around 5 to 10 years. You can pursue various medical assistant degrees and certifications that will suit your requirements. In fact, there are four kinds of certified medical assistants that you can select. It includes clinical assistants, specialists, administrative specialists and clerical healthcare assistants.

Perform the tasks

The various tasks that are handled and managed by the clerical assistants include answering telephone calls, organizing a schedule of patients and greeting patients. The numerous tasks that are handled by the clinical assistants are quite complex. The tasks performed by the clinical assistants comprise of taking the medical histories, explaining procedures to patients and collecting blood samples. The medical assistant average salary of administrative assistants will be high similar to their responsibilities. The duties performed by administrative assistants consist of handling claim forms, arranging admissions for patients and updating medical records in an appropriate way.

Need of the training programs

It will be a wise decision to pursue the medical assistant training programs so that you can make your career in this profession. In addition, you will be getting a lucrative salary and other advantages if you are able to clear the courses. The average salary for medical assistant lies in the range of $40K-$50K. The benefits that you can enjoy are given below:

  • Sick Leave
  • Pension Payment
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Company Bonus

If you want to enroll in the different training programs, you must know that your salary will differ as per the company and medical facility. The scale of pay will also vary as per the employees in an organization. The different schools for medical assistants are Harrison College, Ultimate Medical Academy and Fortis College.

Michigan Promotes LPN to ADN programs to meet demands for RN!

September 5th, 2013

Licensed Practical Nurses prominently abbreviated as LPNs health care professionals at the entry level. If you go by the books and definitions they are legally licensed to work as health care providers. As understood by the fact that they entry level professionals, it also is obvious that the number of opportunities they find their way is also limited relatively. So have the doors of better opportunities closed down for you? The answer is definitely a no.LPN to ADN programs are available all around the country. They will not only help you advance academically but will also take care of your opportunities. The motive of the LPN to ADN Bridge programs to help the students obtain an associate’s degree in nursing. The good part is the shorter time in which this is completed.

The Associate Degree Nursing program is the minimum requirement for acquiring licensure as a RN. So once you complete an associate’s degree in nursing, you become eligible to appear for the licensure examination for RN-the NCLEX-RN. This opens a plethora of opportunities in front of you in terms of career options and growth.

Different Colleges in Michigan offer various formats of best courses for LPN to ADN programs. There is an advantage that most top nursing schools give to LPNs when enrolling in LPN to AND bridge programs which are purely based on their previous academic performance. There are various nursing schools in Michigan that make appearances in the top charts of the country’s colleges.

You can also learn from the nursing schools available in united States at the

What happens after you graduate as an ADN/RN? The average annual wage is about $ 64,000 in various arenas of work. With growing population the demand for licensed RNs in Michigan is increasing steadily. Currently around 1,30,000 RNs are employed in Michigan and there’s demand for more. Estimates from Michigan Center for Nursing reveal that close to 200 per year are required to meet the demands. The top LPN to ADN programs in Michigan are expected to take care of the demands!

Role of Medical Biller and Coder

August 22nd, 2013

The role of a medical biller and coder requires an eye-for-detail skill as they are majorly accountable for monitoring the revenue for medical process. They are directly involved with the insurance companies. A medical biller and coder must have skilled knowledge and training for medical billing and coding. The medical biller and coder denote the contents with a code in the medical report. He/she should be very proactive, attentive and productive.

The profession as a medical biller and coder is both an office cum field job. They have to personally go to the patient to undertake the diagnosis process. Once they are done with the diagnosis; they can then assign a code to every subjective matter that got registered at the time of the interview process. Depending upon the criticality of the health of the patient; the health care staff members claim reimbursement from the insurance companies. The office job demands a minimum 40 hours per week time from medical biller and coder. Also based upon extra work time, the person is paid an extra amount. is a well know website offering most updated medical billing and coding information. Medical biller and coder role requires the following qualities:

  • An eye for detail and proactive professional
  • Quality of attentiveness is highly required
  • He/she must be a good listener in order to make accurate recordings
  • Since he/she will work in a group, it becomes necessary to display the skill of an efficient team player
  • Be ready to learn and adopt to new terminologies and advancement in this field
  • He/she must be willing to work upon the computer for recordings and analysis

Why one should join the medical billing and coding industry? This billing and coding field has proved to be a boon for aspirants. The staff is involved at an organizational level. No one is in direct contact with the patients. The training for billing and coding and certification can be pursued in a very less time and the professional can join this career immediately.

Healthcare administration schools in California

August 12th, 2013

The basic way in which you will become a healthcare administrator in the State of California is to go through the different Healthcare administration schools in California. To gain a good understanding on what kind of schools are actually one of the best that you can find in this particular state, it is very much important for you to read the list below.

1. American career college located in Los Angeles happens to be one of the foremost colleges that can actually help you to get the adequate amount of healthcare administration education. You find that the faculties very well-trained, and you not have to worry about any sort of problems pertaining to the overall fixation that you have about becoming a healthcare administrator. Excellent work ethics, along with very good job prospects are just some of the things that has been labeled with the help of this wonderful college.

2. California State University, located in San Bernardino is one of the best-known places that can actually help you to get quality healthcare administration education. These are the basic universities that can actually help you to get sound education on the subject of becoming a health administrator, and you are definitely going to enjoy and have a wonderful time going for understanding the different kinds of course materials in this particular college and University.

3. University of California located in Berkeley is another college that can actually help you to get the adequate amount of education pertaining to the healthcare administration.

If you are more than willing in order to gain a good understanding of this particular trade, and much important for you to get the adequate amount of education from such kind of wonderful colleges that cannot only help you to get a wonderful idea on the course, but also exhibit extremely good features.

The basic understanding of Online pharmacy technician schools

July 19th, 2013

When you want to go for a substantial career that can help you to make a lot of money, and also undertake the process of remaining in your current workplace until and unless you to get that job, it is important for you to find out a solution that can help you to study along with continuing your job that you are in. In order for you to achieve this, taking the help of the online route to study is definitely a possibility. For most of the people that want to become pharmacy technicians, but not have the time to pursue an active course, you can go for the online pharmacy technician schools that are to be found over the Internet. You can easily become eligible, if you fulfill the prerequisites of this particular course, and also provide the needed information in the medical records towards the benefit of the school.

The basic understanding when it comes to excellent pharmacy technicians is to get quality education for your own betterment in the carrier. You need to understand that there are lives of people dependent upon you. Hence, if you are looking to shirk your responsibilities, and not study, you are not going to get to the examination that is to be found in the pharmacy technician course. Depending upon the amount of interest that you place in the online pharmacy technician, it is important of you to understand the basic necessities like prescription as well as quality medication that brings about a notable change to your thinking capabilities. There are also a lot of simulation that helps you to gauge your thinking strategy under pressure. All of these provided to you over the Internet, and finding the best online pharmacy technician schools can be a boon for you.

The duties of a radiology technician

June 28th, 2013

Radiology technician has the duty of making use of the x-ray technology in order to get the fringes imaging done within a very short period of time. It is mainly due to the amount of mammography as well as resonance imaging that needs to be undertaken by the patients of well known situations. Scans along with excellent MRI is to be done to the people so that they can actually get rid of any problems that feeling, and the corrective forces would need to be done by the Doctor so that the person can actually get rid of the pain that is associated with this particular functionality. There are millions of people that have actually made use of services of a radiology technician, and you can actually understand the basics that has been able to inculcate the job criteria of this particular personal.

The basic duties of a radiology technician is to make sure that they can actually go for the imaging provide an accurate description of the body of the patient along with programming equipment in order to get an appropriate setting, or a particular portion of the body scan. This is extremely technical, and without the adequate amount of knowledge that is to be imparted by the radiology technician, one can get an oversight on how to get the job done. For most of the technicians that can be found in this particular market, it is important for them to realize that the radiology technician job is entirely dependent upon the amount of protection that is to be provided to the patients, and the harmful radiation that can bring about the necessary changes to the life. The excessive amount of exposure to radiation is entirely harmful, and it does bring about the desired amount of changes to the unnecessary areas. There is fair bit of exposure in this field and the career perspective seems to be so overwhelming. The average annual salary of a radiology technician is somewhere around $55,000 in the United States.

X-Ray Technicians Salary – Statistics

June 21st, 2013

Now-a-days being an x-ray technician is a great choice for students who aspire to become a part of medical field as the x-ray technician salary is fascinating and one doesn’t have to spend more time in college.

Technicians working in this field are rewarded with a high salary and many other benefits. Certification from reputed schools plays a key role in getting the expected salary. It is possible to complete the course in one year, get a one-year certificate, and it will pay the least potential salary.

For those who are planning a career in the field after getting the x-ray degree, experience greatly governs the level of x-ray technician salary a person will get. Literally this translates to years of experience and number of x-ray procedures a technician can handle with the greatest of ease.

According to gathered data from the ASRT or American Society of Radiologic Technologists, five percent of the bottom rung technicians will make below $30,000 based on limited experience and basic education and skills.  At the opposite end of the scale, x ray techs who have been practicing their craft for years and have substantial experience, education and skills will make potentially over $90,000 annually.  In some state, the higher paid technicians get the national average, which generally is considerably lower, hovering at between $45,000 and $50,000 yearly.

Within the x ray industry, salaries per hour can literally change according to the employer.  In general healthcare, technicians are expected to earn between $15 and $23.50 hourly.  In the medical services sector, it runs between $15.70 and $23.30 hourly.  Orthopedic surgery sectors pay x ray technicians between $15.60 and $23 per hour.  Hospitals are amongst the highest payers of hourly rates to x ray technicians, averaging between $15.80 and $23.40 hourly.

No matter where an X-ray technician is employed, the career is interesting, rewarding, and offers a great salary.